SRH Hochschule in Nordrhein-Westfalen
SRH-Studierende in Lehre

Right from the start – individual support

We offer you flexibility and open up new perspectives – according to your individual life situation

Our Mission

Our goal is to lead you to officially recognised degrees in our future-oriented courses of study and to provide you with above-average professional opportunities. At the same time, we want to encourage and support you in your development into an independent, confident personality. Through professional knowledge management, you will build up individual competencies at our university of applied sciences.

Your Advantages

What sets us apart

  • Intensive and YOU-focused. The focus of the program is on you and the courses. Here we rely on small groups, so that your individual needs can be addressed and thus an intensive and practice-oriented study can be guaranteed.
  • Perfect infrastructure. Our three study locations in Hamm, Leverkusen and Münster are close to the train station in an optimal environment for studying.
  • High-quality teaching. Our lecturers are professionals in their fields and contribute their daily experience to the teaching.
  • Teaching and learning principle CORE. Our campuses in Hamm and Leverkusen are the only campuses in North Rhine-Westphalia that teach according to the CORE principle.
  • Excellent career options. The personal, professional and methodological skills taught in our courses give you excellent career prospects.
  • Individual support. Small study groups, personal support, and individual advancement: working together is our priority.
Viele Studierenden vor dem Bahnhof
Professor Betriebswirtschaftslehre
Prof. Dr. Claus Wilke
In theory, we impart knowledge based on teaching content that is developed together with companies, among others, and thus meets the requirements of the market.
Prof. Dr. Claus Wilke
Prof. Dr. Bernd Benikowki
Prof. Dr. Bernd Benikowki
Our instructors are subject experts in their respective fields and act as learning coaches. Some of them come from prominent management positions in business, industry and society. You profit from this!
Prof. Dr. Bernd Benikowki
Prof. Dr. Janine Linßer
Prof. Dr. Janine Linßer
As professors, we become individual learning coaches for you. Together, we will not only develop specialist knowledge, but also improve your application skills and soft skills – including ongoing feedback.
Prof. Dr. Janine Linßer