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You can reach our Student Services in person or by phone from: Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. By prior arrangement, we are also happy to offer you other times, should you not be able to make it.

Of course, you can always contact our Student Services in person or by phone from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. We are also happy to offer you other times by prior arrangement, should you not be able to make it. We are looking forward to answering your questions under telephone +49 2381 92910 or by email to To help you get started and to support you even before you begin your studies, our team of student advisors is always at your disposal - throughout your entire studies. In order to answer a few questions in advance, we have put together three small FAQs that will give you some initial orientation and help. One for the student service, one for the examination system and one for IT questions.

What you should know FAQ Study service

Since we receive many requests every day, we would appreciate it if you could send us an email to We will try to give you an answer as soon as possible.

Please send an email to the department that you think can answer your question. If this department is not the right one, your mail will be forwarded to the right department and you will receive a reply from there. Please avoid writing to more than one department.

Here you can find the addresses of the most important departments in our administration:

You can easily download your enrolment or matriculation certificate yourself in CampusNet under Documents > My documents. Here you will also find the matriculation certificate for the following semester about one month before the semester starts.

Please send an email to Student Services ( with your full name, matriculation number, and the particular ID card you need. Please also indicate that it is a replacement ID. Please note that the cost for issuing a replacement ticket is 35,00€.

The NRW Semesterticket (Download here the manual regarding the Online-Ticket) is valid on all regional and local public transport networks within the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the city of Osnabrück. Thus, all buses, streetcars, city trains and subways as well as the trains of the local rail transport (S-Bahn, regional train, regional express) can be used (exceptions concern very few bus lines without application of a North Rhine-Westphalian association tariff). Important: High speed trains such as IC and ICE are NOT included! Further information about the NRW-Semesterticket can be found in the link below.

Information regarding semester ticket

The current version of your schedule can always be found on CampusNet under "Schedule". If you have any questions about the schedule, please contact our scheduling department at

Depending on the course of study, there are different lecture and lecture-free periods. Here you can find a list divided by semester, department and study program. Please note that these are provisional semester schedules and may be changed!

Data such as your private e-mail address and telephone number can easily be changed by yourself in CampusNet under "my data". For other data, such as a change of address or name, please contact our Student Services (

We have collected all important information on health insurance in the following document for you.

Please have a look on our web page for international students

What you should know FAQ Examination service

Please email to and we will register you for your exam in CampusNet.

We try to publish the scores within 5 weeks. However, please understand that it may take a little longer for large groups or elaborate papers. However, if you feel that the grade should be available by now, please send an email to

Please email to

Please send an email to and let us know that you are unable to attend. Afterwards, please send a certificate of incapacity for work (Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung (AU)) by mail or email to the examination office.

After you have found a supervisor, please fill in the registration form and submit it to your supervisor and to the Examination Office (by mail or the original document)

Registration for Thesis

Please fill in the application form, stating the exact reasons, and pass it on to your supervisor and the Examination Office (by e-mail or as the original document)

Please contact the fee department (

If the content of your thesis changes fundamentally, you may reschedule once within the first month in consultation with your supervisor. If the content does not change and only the title is affected, please inform the examination office about the new title after consulting your supervisor.

Please send the digital version to your examiner and give two bound copies to the Examination Office, both no later than the day of the deadline.

It takes about four weeks for your transcript to be generated and then mailed to you. Please make sure that your address in CampusNet is up to date! If required, we will issue a provicional certificate of completion of your studies.

You can find the framework study and examination regulations in CampusNet.

What you should know FAQ IT

For CampusNet, Microsoft Office, PC-Pool and Citrix please use the following ID: Username + PasswordX. For the AllstayApp please use: your Unimail address (firstname.lastname@...) + PasswordY.

Select BYOD and log in with zFqzkADxyjNc6EJ4.

Please look in CampusNet under Services > Library (link below).

Please enter your CampusNet login data.

First register (please use the link below first), place your student ID in front of the scanner at the printer and insert the USB stick.


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