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Cologne - The cathedral city

Cologne is a fascinating city known for its diversity and charm. The cathedral city impresses with its rich history, vibrant culture and unique way of life. Whether you visit the imposing Cologne Cathedral, take a walk through the picturesque old town or explore the vibrant nightlife - Cologne has something for everyone. From April 2024, a new SRH Campus will also be moving into the city.


Why Cologne makes the difference

Cologne is one of the most popular student cities in Germany. More than 100,000 people are already studying in Cologne. Let us show you what we have to offer at the SRH Campus Cologne.

  • The Campus
    At the centrally located SRH Campus Cologne, we have created a creative atmosphere and space for new learning: The rooms and equipment are ideal for group work or for working on research projects.
  • Practice-oriented
    During your study time at the Cologne campus, you will work on real-life projects from the field and thus develop not only your professional competencies, but also your soft skills.
  • Digitized
    For 15 years, the SRH University of Applied Sciences has been digitally outstanding. You will benefit from the numerous opportunities and experience of and with blended learning formats throughout your studies.
  • You in the center
    You study in small study groups NC free. We remove obstacles for you and create a personal proximity to you. This is the only way we can respond to your individual interests and abilities.
  • Your learning coach
    Our lecturers are your personal learning coaches. They share their professional experience in teaching with you and give you continuous feedback for your optimal learning outcome.
  • The location in Cologne
    The SRH campus in Cologne has optimal study conditions and offers you a perfect study-life balance through places to relax and the numerous leisure and sports facilities.
  • Quality
    Our study programs offered at the campus in Cologne are state-recognized and accredited. This guarantees your further education or your doctorate worldwide.  
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