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Cologne, the lively and vibrant city on the Rhine, is not only known for its cathedral and history but also for the inspiring atmosphere it offers - especially for students like you! In this fascinating metropolis, you will not only find first-class educational institutions, but also a variety of opportunities that will make your time as a student an unforgettable journey.

Metropolis at the Rhine

Beyond the Dome - Cologne

The Cologne campus is not only a place of learning but also a melting pot of cultures and ideas. Here you will meet like-minded people from all over the world who share their passions and explore new horizons together with you. The city itself offers you more than just lectures and seminars - it is an adventure playground where you can develop your dreams and goals.

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A city with heart and millions of smiles

Discover Cologne's vibrant spirit! At the core of Cologne lies a beating heart fueled by warmth and wit. Its residents, renowned for their zest for life, infuse every moment with joy, particularly during the exuberant carnival, the fifth season. Enrolling in Cologne means blending studies with a hearty dose of laughter—a surefire recipe for effective learning!

Moreover, the city boasts a thriving cultural panorama, spanning from enriching museums to captivating concerts and theaters. The Cologne Cathedral stands tall, not just as an architectural marvel but also as a beacon of inspiration. And for revelry, Cologne takes the crown. Its plethora of pubs and breweries beckon, inviting you to savor Kölsch beer and forge lifelong friendships in the process.

Beyond Carnival and Kölsch: Cologne, a student haven with distinct flair!

While renowned for its cathedral, carnival, and Kölsch beer, Cologne is also a hidden gem for academic pursuits. Delve into the world of studying in this captivating Rhineland city with our wide range of bachelor's and master's programs.

The student landscape in Cologne is teeming with vibrancy and diversity. Countless student clubs, sports activities, and social initiatives await, offering ample opportunities to expand your social circle and broaden your experiences. The city's university libraries provide serene study spaces, while its lush parks and green expanses offer perfect spots for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Cologne stands as one of Germany's most well-connected cities. Efficient public transportation and bike-friendly paths make navigating the city a breeze. Its proximity to other notable German cities like Düsseldorf, Bonn, and Aachen allows for effortless day trips, enabling exploration of the region's cultural richness.

An undeniable perk of studying in Cologne is its international ambiance. Attracting students from around the globe, the city fosters a melting pot of cultures, encouraging intercultural exchanges and the forging of new, enriching friendships. Here, you'll embrace diverse perspectives and expand your worldview in an inspiring environment.

Study programme at Campus Cologne

Bachelor`s Programmes

Study programme at Campus Cologne

Master`s programmes

Special features
Special features

Immerse yourself in the Campus Cologne experience!

Cologne boasts nearly two decades of active participation in the higher education sphere, fostering a rich academic legacy and dynamic campus culture.

  • Immersive learning environment: Located centrally, our SRH Campus in Cologne fosters a creative ambiance, providing optimal spaces and tools for collaborative group work and research projects.
  • Emphasis on practical learning: Our foundation rests on practical learning. Our lecturers and professors hail from diverse sectors - economics, social, service, or commerce - infusing their daily experiences into teaching, ensuring a practical and relevant educational journey.
  • Cutting-Edge digital integration: From distance learning to hybrid and blended formats, our campus excels in digital education. Benefit from our  digital infrastructure and years of expertise, gaining exposure to various innovative learning formats throughout your studies.
  • Student-Centric approach: Enjoy studying in small, non-restrictive study groups tailored to your needs. We prioritize removing barriers and fostering close, personalized relationships to cater to your interests and talents.
  • Dedicated learning guidance: Our faculty members double as your learning coaches. Drawing from their professional expertise, they provide continuous feedback to optimize your learning outcomes.
  • Commitment to quality: Regular and rigorous quality assessments underscore our dedication to excellence. Our English- and German-taught study programs and universities undergo stringent evaluations, ensuring global recognition and guaranteeing the quality of your education or future doctoral pursuits.
Leisure Time in Cologne
Leisure Time in Cologne

Unlock Infinite Horizons

Embrace a myriad of opportunities in Cologne. A haven for sports, cycling, and green living in NRW.

  • Cologne's Carnival: An annual festival sparking citywide Euphoria. Dress up, revel, and relish delectable carnival delights during the February festivities, igniting a spirited atmosphere citywide.
  • The Majestic Cologne Cathedral: A Gothic Marvel. Don't miss the monumental Cologne Cathedral, an awe-inspiring testament to Gothic architecture. Ascend its towers for breathtaking city vistas.
  • Art and History's Treasures: Museums Galore. Immerse yourself in art and history at the Museum Ludwig, Wallraf-Richartz-Museum, and Roman-Germanic Museum, each holding invaluable treasures.
  • Riverside Rapture: Cycling and Strolling Along the Rhine. Explore picturesque views by cycling or walking along the Rhine promenade, adorned with charming cafés and the love-locked Hohenzollern Bridge.
  • Wildlife Wonders: Cologne Zoo Adventure. Delve into a world of diverse fauna at Cologne Zoo, discovering captivating animals from across the globe.
  • Brewery Bliss: Kölsch and Local Culture. Experience local culture at cozy breweries, savoring the delightful Kölsch beer that epitomizes Cologne's essence.
  • Botanical Beauty: Cologne's Lush Gardens. Discover an impressive array of global flora at the Botanical Gardens, showcasing nature's diverse splendor.
  • Rhine Cruise Perspective: City Sights from the Water. Admire Cologne's landmarks from a new angle with a serene Rhine cruise, soaking in the city's sights from the water.
  • Gourmet Tour: Delights from Snack Stalls. Indulge in Cologne's culinary specialties—potato pancakes, currywurst, kebabs, and more—at numerous city-center snack stalls.
  • Serenity in Green Spaces: Cologne's Urban Forest. Unwind in Cologne's city forest with walks, jogs, or moments of tranquility amidst nature's embrace.
  • Shopaholic's Paradise: Retail Therapy Galore. Explore boutique-lined old town streets and the Rhein-Center shopping haven for a fulfilling shopping spree.
  • Chocolate Delights: Interactive Treats at the Chocolate Museum. Satisfy your sweet tooth at the Cologne Chocolate Museum, unraveling chocolate-making secrets while tasting delightful treats.
  • Nightlife Revelry: Music and Club Scene. Immerse yourself in Cologne's vibrant music scene and lively club culture, turning nights into unforgettable experiences.
  • A Kaleidoscope of Culture, History, and Thrills. Whether a tourist or a resident, Cologne never ceases to surprise. The city's dynamic spirit ensures endless discoveries and experiences, catering to every taste. Indeed, Cologne is the city that thrives around the clock, catering to all!
  • Cologne offers a colorful mix of culture, history, fun, and relaxation. Whether you are a tourist or a resident of the city, there is always something new to discover and experience. Cologne is a city that never sleeps and has something for everyone!

Life and the experience of living in Cologne

Moving to a new city for studies can indeed be a significant change, but with the right resources, finding suitable accommodation can become easier. Here are some tips and resources specifically for finding accommodation in Cologne:

The following contacts will also assist you in finding suitable accommodation options close to the campus throughout your academic tenure.

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