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Hamm Sustainability and Circular Economy Management M.A.

  • Master of Arts (M.A.)
  • 4 Semesters
  • on campus
  • Full time
  • 120 ECTS
  • New
  • only in english

Do you believe that economy and ecology are not necessarily incompatible? As a student on the Sustainability Management Master's programme, you will integrate innovative business models into your company and shape our sustainable future.

  • English
  • summer and winter semester
SRH Hochschule in Nordrhein-Westfalen
Your course content

What you will learn

The Sustainability and Circular Economy Management Master enables you to successfully put sustainable business models such as circular economy, sharing economy or zero waste into practice.

We live in a time where we are using our natural resources faster than they can regenerate. In the future, the success of companies can therefore no longer be measured solely in terms of profit and growth. Rather, it is necessary to implement concepts such as the circular economy.

You will get to know the corporate social responsibility of companies, deal intensively with sustainable business models such as the circular economy, consider the perspective of the consumer in a sustainable context, set up reporting structures for sustainable projects and engage in intensive exchange with our practice partners.

Of course, you will also be equipped with the necessary tools for your future career: project management, entrepreneurship and change management are part of your future tools to actively shape the future in the long term.

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Your career prospects

Our innovative approach that pays off

Companies are in transition. They need academically well-trained employees who can actively support them in the transformation to a sustainable company. Company objectives and strategies change. Accordingly, business models have to be redesigned and implemented. Learned ways of thinking and attitudes have to be transformed.

This is your role! Whether as a sustainability manager, circular economy manager, consultant or project manager: sustainable corporate management and circular economy management are your terrain.

In your company you are a driver for sustainable management, a central contact person and projectmanager, head of a department or division or general manager.

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The following curriculum / study plan is valid as orientation - deviations are possible

Your curriculum

4 Semester 120 ECTS
1. Semester
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Management

  • Circular Economy Management

  • Sustainable and Circular Business Models

  • Megatrends I

  • Megatrends II

  • Languages

2. Semester
  • Consumer Behavior in a Sustainable World

  • Digitalization and Sustainability

  • Sustainability Assessment and Reporting

  • Case Study

  • From Theory into Practice

  • Languages

3. Semester
  • Project Management

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Business Transformation&Change Management

  • On-Site Sustainability

  • Circular Economy Fair

  • Academic Research and Writing

4. Semester
  • Masterthesis

Admission requirements

Our requirements

Bachelor degree with 180 CP

1 year job experience

Certification of proficiency in English (e. g. IELTS 6.5, a TOEFL score of at least 600 (pbT) / 80 (ibT), Duolingo (Score of 110) or other verification (for instance, via an interview). This requirement is waived for students from countries where English is the official language of education.

You do not qualify? No problem, SRH has its International College for students who do not qualify for direct entry into our programmes or need to bring up their English language level. You can choose from our Foundation programmes at the College. This is a direct pathway into our university. Find more about here:

Fees and Funding

Your tuition fees

Tuition fees

Citizenship | EU/EEA (incl. Switzerland, Western Balkans and Ukraine)

  • 680 € per month (+ 750 Euro one-off enrollment fee)

Citizenship | Non-EU/EEA

  • 4.700 € per semester* (+ 1000 Euro one-off enrollment fee)

Financing your studies

Our financial counseling will help you to realize your dream studies. You have numerous possibilities to finance your studies. On our financing page you will find, for example, financing options from our partner BrainCapital and other options.

Apply now

Application process and deadlines

  1. You apply online via the SRH application portal.
  2. If you meet the admission requirements, you will receive a contract from us by e-mail. Attached you will find an overview of the documents we still need.
  3. You sign the study contract and send it back to us.
  4. You will receive your certificate of enrollment.
  5. The fees will be deducted from your account.
  6. You take part in our introductory week and then you can start!
For a better future
Our sustainability strategy is launched

We are officially certified as "climate positive". SRH University of Applied Sciences in North Rhine-Westphalia is now one of only a few universities in Germany to receive the "climate positive" seal.

Please note

Visa requirements for indian students

From 1st of November 2022, applicants from India will be required to have their documents verified by the Academic Evaluation Centre New Delhi (APS-India) before applying for a visa. After successful verification you will receive a certificate which allows you to initiate the visa process. Please note that the verification process at APS-India is expected to take approximately 4 weeks. We recommend that you apply for the APS certificate at the same time as you apply to SRH University in North Rhine-Westphalia. For more information about the process, go to the APS-India website:

Step 1: Apply to SRH University in North Rhine-Westphalia
Step 2: Initiating the verification process at APS (at same time as step 1)
Step 3: Once the verification and TestAS is done book your visa appointment
Step 4: Visa Appointment
Step 5: Come to Germany and start your dream studies!

Please note: You do not need the verification certificate for your application at SRH University in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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