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SRH Campus Rhineland
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SRH Campus Rhineland

Know-how and competencies combined

The Campus Rheinland is a kind of multi-campus of the SRH and thereby combines various educational offers, know-how and competences of individual SRH universities at one study location for a broad and interdisciplinary educational spectrum. Students at Campus Rheinland thus benefit from the excellent CORE principle, uniformly high quality and the best-of the SRH product portfolio. The Campus Rheinland functions as a lively, university-like location that supports activating teaching, learning and working.

What we stay for
What we stay for

Our special approach

State of the art
The universities at SRH Campus Rheinland are constantly developing and making new methods and systems in learning forms and business concepts their greatest task. Active and practice-based learning is at the heart of this. In this way, they support you in learning professional and personal competencies in an individual, appropriate and contemporary way.

We develop new methods and systems and establish them for the implementation of suitable learning forms and company concepts. We focus on active, hands-on learning with a high degree of flexibility, thereby responding to economic and social development dynamics and increasing complexity.

In the metropolian region
Rheinbrücke in Leverkusen
In the metropolian region


Leverkusen is a colorful city with many faces. It offers you everything that makes a good place to study. Here you have the prospect of a good, long-term job and a relaxed life during and after your studies. Industrially influenced and with the worldwide known label from the pharmaceutical industry, Leverkusen has achieved international fame. Leverkusen is a city with a high recreational value with a lot of green space at the foothills of the Bergisches Land and with the banks of the Rhine to the north.

In Leverkusen, innovative small and medium-sized businesses meet powerful large-scale industry. In addition to the global players from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, innovative medium-sized companies also make up Leverkusen's economic profile. These are strongly represented in the automotive supplier sector, in plastics and metal processing, and in the future-oriented sectors of innovative materials, healthcare and environmental technology. The Rhineland metropolitan region is home to around 8.5 million people in 11 cities and 12 counties in a region with ten chambers and associations representing trade, industry and commerce.


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