Two towns – two campuses

We are the SRH in North Rhine-Westphalia. For more than 15 years in Hamm, we have gained a lot of experience in the higher education market.

Renowned and experienced The locations

SRH University of Applied Sciences has been operating two campuses in North Rhine-Westphalia since 2019. The SRH Campus Rheinland in Leverkusen was added to the campus at the main location in Hamm (Westphalia). This allows us to offer geographical choice in many degree programmes and thus more flexibility in the direction of study-life balance.

In the heart of Eastwestphalia
In the heart of Eastwestphalia


Hamm is a large city with approximately 180,000 inhabitants. In 2014, the city was voted "Logistics Location of the Year 2014 in NRW". Situated on Germany's main A1 and A2 motorways are numerous large logistics centres. This is flanked by numerous industrial estates in Hamm but also in the surrounding towns such as Bönen, which is home to the KIK European headquarters, among others.

Hamm is a young, expanding university location. The rent level is relatively low compared to other cities. Centrally located flats - also suitable for shared flats - can be rented at favourable conditions. The entire cityscape is undergoing change. Both the city of Hamm and private companies are gradually expanding their range of new accommodation options for students.

Up to 300 companies of the total 1,000 located in Hamm are located directly in the city centre, with a sales area of 62,210 m². In the immediate vicinity of the university, the "Allee Center" shopping centre and the pedestrian zone are within walking distance.

Leisure time opportunities in Hamm
In the metropolitan region
In the metropolitan region


In Leverkusen, innovative SMEs meet powerful large-scale industry. In addition to the global players from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, innovative SMEs also make up Leverkusen's economic profile. These are strongly represented in the automotive supplier sector, in plastics and metal processing, and in the future-oriented sectors of innovative materials, health care and environmental technology. The Rhineland metropolitan region is home to 11 cities and 12 districts with a population of around 8.5 million in a region with ten chambers and associations of trade, industry and commerce.

In Leverkusen (NRW), not only the inviting Carl Duisberg Park with its Japanese garden is inviting, but above all the numerous sports and leisure facilities as well as bars, clubs and shopping centres provide the right balance from your everyday student life. Cologne is about 10 minutes away by train. Düsseldorf is also only about 20 minutes away, so you can reach the entire Rhineland thanks to this ideal connection. Leverkusen, located between the student metropolises of Cologne and Düsseldorf, is a city that offers countless opportunities to enjoy your free time alongside your studies. You can take a deep breath in the idyllic nature of the neighbouring Bergisches Land.

Leisure time opportunities in Leverkusen

What makes both locations different

  • Practice-oriented
    During your studies, you work on real projects from practice. In this way, you not only further develop your professional skills, but also hone your soft skills. Internships, projects, guest lectures and excursions help you gain practical experience that you can use to shine with your future employer.
  • The focus is on you
    At both campuses, we support you personally and continuously in achieving your goals - based on our proven CORE principle, which is unique in NRW. Learning objectives, examination forms as well as teaching and learning methods are coordinated in such a way that learning is fun and you achieve the best possible learning success.
  • Personal and close
    You can choose from a wide range of study programmes and study freely in small NC study groups. We remove obstacles for you and create a personal relationship with you. This is the only way we can respond to your individual interests and abilities.
  • Your learning coach
    Our lecturers are professionals in their fields and your personal learning coaches. Many of them hold prominent management positions in business, industry and society. They share their years of professional experience with you and give you continuous feedback.
  • Internationality
    Our campuses are attended by students from around 25 nations. This gives you the opportunity to get to know other nations, traditions, religions, etc. and to see things from a different perspective. These experiences broaden your horizons in an effective way.
  • Quality
    Both our university in Hamm and the campus in Leverkusen offer you state-recognised and accredited degree programmes in many different subject areas. This guarantees your further studies or your doctorate at other colleges and universities worldwide.

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