Studying at the Campus Rhineland

The Campus Rheinland was opened in 2019 by the SRH University of Applied Sciences in North Rhine-Westphalia and offers attractive and modern teaching

SRH Campus Rhineland Know-how and competencies combined

The Campus Rheinland is a kind of multi-campus of the SRH and thereby combines various educational offers, know-how and competences of individual SRH universities at one study location for a broad and interdisciplinary educational spectrum. Students at Campus Rheinland thus benefit from the excellent CORE principle, uniformly high quality and the best-of the SRH product portfolio. The Campus Rheinland functions as a lively, university-like location that supports activating teaching, learning and working.

Our special feature
Our special feature

What makes us different

As a charitable foundation, SRH brings together social responsibility and entrepreneurial action. The aim is to continually develop services and open up new life opportunities for people. That is why SRH passionately reinvests its profits in the future markets of education and health. This is also why the SRH Campus Rhineland was founded.

The SRH Higher Education
SRH Higher Education GmbH is the link between all SRH universities. With seven colleges, one university, 150 study programmes and more than 12,000 students, the SRH is one of the leading private higher education institutions in Germany and aims to prepare you for your future role in business and society. At the SRH Campus Rhineland, the SRH universities are brought together and put together an individual and modern study programme for you.

State of the art
The universities at the SRH Campus Rhineland are constantly developing and making new methods and systems in learning forms and business concepts their greatest task. An important aspect ist active and practice-oriented learning. In this way, they support you in learning professional and personal skills in a completely individual, appropriate and contemporary way.

We achieve this through innovative concepts: Our answer to the demands of the future in teaching and research. We develop new methods and systems and establish them for the implementation of suitable learning forms and business concepts. We focus on active, practice-oriented learning with a high degree of flexibility and thus respond to economic and social development dynamics as well as to increasing complexity.

Free time in Leverkusen
Free time in Leverkusen

Discover the many possibilities

The city of Leverkusen offers you many leisure opportunities. Discover Leverkusen as a leisure centrepiece between the metropolises of Cologne and Düsseldorf.

Leverkusen beach bar
The beach bar Leverkusen in the Neulandpark shows itself in Mediterranean and Caribbean style.

Birkenberg Climbing Garden
The Birkenberg climbing garden has a playground, a children's course, a panorama course, various rope bridges and balancing stations, a rope slide of over 130 m and a 13 m jump from the Powerfan.

Hitdorf Lake
Originally a quarry pond, the Hitdorfer See is now a bathing lake and recreation area with a running track.

Minigolf course
There are 18 natural stone courses on the grounds that can be played. The course is designed to be child- and family-friendly. There are kids' rackets in all sizes available.

Reuschenberg Wildlife Park
In this wildlife park you can observe numerous native wild and domestic animal species. Insects, birds, turtles but also lynxes, deer, mouflons, goats or otters.

CaLevornia pool
The CaLevornia pool offers two leisure pools, a current channel, a children's area, a bubble bench with massage jets, steam bath, whirlpool and water slides.

Town Hall Gallery
The shopping mall "Rathaus-Galerie" has more than 100 shops for strolling and shopping.

Neuland Park
The park has numerous children's playgrounds, water games, a mini-golf course, a skating area and an outdoor fitness course. Neuland Park also hosts a variety of events throughout the year.

Soccer Centre
You can play soccer on three different courts surrounded by boards and nets. On hot days, the Sportsbar "Pille" beer garden invites you to recharge your batteries.

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