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The Hamm campus is the main campus of the SRH University of Applied Sciences in North Rhine-Westphalia, which operates all campuses.

The main campus of the SRH in NRW Hamm - Green and urban

Hamm is one of the 50 largest cities in Germany with a population of around 180,000 and is located between Münsterland, the Ruhr area, Sauerland and East Westphalia. One of Germany's largest ICE railway stations, the directly adjacent main motorways A1 and A2, NRW's logistics centre and plenty of green space make Hamm an exceptional city with a landmark in the Guinness Book of Records.

~ 180.000
Square kilometres

In the heart of East Westphalia

Hamm is a large city with approximately 180,000 inhabitants. In 2014, the city was voted "Logistics Location of the Year 2014 in NRW". Situated on Germany's main A1 and A2 motorways are numerous large logistics centres. This is flanked by numerous industrial estates in Hamm but also in the surrounding towns such as Bönen, which is home to the KIK European headquarters, among others.

Hamm is a young, expanding university location. The rent level is relatively low compared to other cities. Centrally located flats - also suitable for shared flats - can be rented at favourable conditions. The entire cityscape is undergoing change. Both the city of Hamm and private companies are gradually expanding their range of new accommodation options for students.

Up to 300 companies of the total 1,000 located in Hamm are located directly in the city centre, with a sales area of 62,210 m². In the immediate vicinity of the university, the "Allee Center" shopping centre and the pedestrian zone are within walking distance.

Leisure time in Hamm
Leisure time in Hamm

Discover the many possibilities

The city of Hamm offers you many leisure opportunities. Hamm is sporty, a cycling paradise and one of the greenest cities in NRW.

The modern and completely digital multiplex cinema directly in the city centre of Hamm and only a few hundred metres away from the university offers around 1,800 seats divided into 7 auditoriums.

The former colliery site is now a modern leisure park for young and old.

The leisure pool offers visitors:inside a covered 50 m sports pool, a wave pool, two slides, a toddler area, a whirlpool, an outdoor saltwater pool and a sauna area.

Tierpark Hamm
A lot has been invested in the Hammer Zoo in recent years and it offers a lot of quality of stay. There are 550 animals in 80 species, plus a petting zoo and a reptile house.

Waldbühne Heessen
The Waldbühne Heessen is a modern and renowned open-air theatre with around 1,000 seats. In winter, the small stage under the outdoor grandstand is used for performances.

Gustav Lübcke Museum
Culture is offered by the Gustav Lübcke Museum in the immediate vicinity of the university. The exhibition spectrum ranges from Ancient Egypt to the archaeology of the city's history to applied art and the art of the 20th century.

Climbing Park
The climbing park offers climbing between the treetops in the midst of a typical forest atmosphere. Highlights: Sliding with a surfboard at a height of 12 metres, tobogganing with a toboggan at a height of 8 metres and a rope slide over 600 metres.

You can be pulled over the water at almost 30 km/h on the 5-mast track. There is also a bathing bay with a sandy beach, a shallow water zone, a sunbathing lawn and two beach volleyball courts.

The Lippepark offers numerous playgrounds, a barefoot path, a skating area, a mountain bike course, a fun sports arena, a pump track and many vantage points, sunbathing areas with barbecue areas and much more.

Special features
Special features

Immerse yourself in the Hamm campus

Hamm has been active in the higher education market for more than 15 years. Germany's first Bachelor's degree programme in logistics was established in Hamm with the SRH.

  • The campus
    At the centrally located SRH Campus in Hamm, we have created a creative atmosphere and space for new learning: The rooms and equipment are ideal for group work or for working on research projects.
  • Practice-oriented
    Practice has been the focus of our efforts since our foundation. Our lecturers are professionals who work in the economic, social, service or commercial sectors and therefore incorporate their day-to-day experience into their teaching.
  • Digitised
    Distance learning, hybrid teaching, blended learning? We have been practising all of these successfully for many years. From the very beginning, we have been excellently positioned digitally. You will benefit from the numerous possibilities and experience of and with blended learning formats throughout your studies.
  • You at the centre
    You study in small study groups NC free. We remove obstacles for you and create personal proximity to you. This is the only way we can respond to your individual interests and abilities.
  • Your learning coach
    Our lecturers are your personal learning coaches. They share their professional experience in teaching with you and give you continuous feedback for your optimal learning outcome.
  • The location in East Westphalia
    The SRH Campus in Hamm is located in the middle of the city at the railway station. The shopping centre and pedestrian zone are close by. Not far away and within easy reach are the numerous leisure and sports facilities for a perfect study-life balance.
  • Quality
    All study programmes and the university have been and are regularly subjected to high quality tests, which are always passed with higher quality. This guarantees your further education or your doctorate worldwide.



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